Council Expenses

Members of Council incur expenses to provide constituency services, operate their offices, attend conferences and for legal matters. The pages below provide information and reports relating to these expenses.

Constituency Services and Office Budget Expenses

The Constituency Services and Office Budget Policy guides Councillors' expenditures in performing their diverse roles and in representing their constituents. Reports detailing expenses are updated quarterly.

Business Travel Expenses

Councillors who fulfill an official capacity with a municipal organization of which the City is a member are reimbursed from the Council Business Travel Budget for their travel costs related to Board and Committee meetings. Reports detailing business travel expenses are updated quarterly.

Legal Expenses

Outside legal counsel may be retained for Members of Council in relation to proceedings before the Information and Privacy Commissioner of Ontario concerning access to records held by a Member of Council. These legal expenses are paid from the Council General Expense Budget.

Remuneration and Expense Reports

An annual report on remuneration and expenses of Members of Council and of Council Appointees to Agencies, Boards, Commission, Corporations and Other Special Purpose Bodies is provided to Council each year.