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Heritage Preservation Services plays an important role in preserving Toronto's heritage by advising City Council on matters relating to the Ontario Heritage Act and acting as a professional resource for the community and property owners on the conservation of the City's historic resources.

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Heritage Properties

Heritage Grant and Rebate Programs

Toronto Heritage Grant Program

Toronto's Heritage Grant Program provides grant funds of up to 50% of the estimated cost of eligible heritage conservation work to designated Part IV & V heritage properties.

Toronto Heritage Tax Rebate Program

The Toronto Heritage Tax Rebate Program encourages the conservation of heritage properties in the City of Toronto. All eligible heritage properties may receive a maximum of a 40% property tax rebate on identified heritage portions of the property.

What's New


St. Lawrence Neighbourhood HCD Planning Phase

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Now Available - Toronto Heritage Property Tax Rebate Program Applications

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City of Toronto wins National Heritage Award

The City of Toronto has received the Canadian Association of Heritage Professionals' Award of Excellence for outstanding achievement in heritage planning and policy for the City Planning Division's Official Plan Amendment 199: "Official Plan Heritage Policies."