City Planning

From July 10, to August 27, residents can learn about planning issues, hear what planners do, find out how they can get more involved in planning their city, and ask questions about planning and development in their city. This year's PiPS events will also focus on three City Planning initiatives: Felling Congested, the consultation on reducing congestion and improving public transit in the City of Toronto; ResetTO, the City Planning Division's plans to introduce a development permit system to streamline and provide certainty in the planning process; and Growing Conversations, an engagement initiative where planners are asking Torontonians how they can improve upon public consultation in the planning process.

2014 Dates and Locations

Etobicoke-York District

July 11: 11am-3pm Woodbine Mall

July 12: 8am-12pm Weston Farmer's Market

July 18: 11am-3pm Albion Mall

August 14: 6pm-8pm Eglinton Hill BIA Neighbours' Night Out BBQ

Toronto & East York District

July 10: 3pm-7pm Dufferin Grove Farmers Market

July 21: 8am-2pm Nathan Phillips Square

August 1: 8am-2pm David Pecault Square 

August 7: 3pm-7pm Kew Gardens

Scarborough District

July 29: 10am-4pm Scarborough Town Centre

July 30: 10am-4pm Scarborough Town Centre

August 13: 3pm-7pm University of Toronto Scarborough Campus Farmers' Market

August 20: 3pm-7pm: University of Toronto Scarborough Campus Farmers' Market

North York District

July 28: 11am-3pm Mel Lastman Square

August 6: 11am-3pm Mel Lastman Square

August 22: 11am-3pm Mel Lastman Square

August 27: 11am-3pm Mel Lastman Square

The goal of the PiPS program is to engage with as many residents of the city as possible, and do it at a per person cost that is far less than a traditional public meeting. 

In 2013, the first year for the PiPS initiative, City Planning staff engaged with more than 1,700 individuals at 20 locations across Toronto, and did it at a cost per person that is 75% less than an average community meeting.

Stay tuned for more information on how PiPS will grow in exciting new directions and how we will incorporate more creative public consultation opportunities into the work we do every day.