Integrity Commissioner

Standards of Conduct for Members of City Council

Citizens expect members of Council to meet the highest standards of conduct when carrying out public functions. The standards have been written down in the Municipal Conflict of Interest Act and in the Code of Conduct for Members of Council.

The work of the City of Toronto and, specifically, of Members of Council is complex and often involves multiple competing interests. It is not always easy to know how to act properly and in accordance with the high standards.

The Integrity Commissioner is available to members of Council to answer questions and provide advice about meeting the standards.

It is a sign of strength for members of council to ask questions and seek advice about meeting the high standards of conduct citizens expect.


Members of council can seek advice by calling or emailing the Integrity Commissioner or her Office as follows:

Other Policies and Advice

Gifts, benefits and donations

Members of Council can only accept fees, advances, gifts, donations, invitations, or benefits that are connected with the performance of their duties under specific circumstances, as outlined in the Code of Conduct. Gifts and benefits are disclosed quarterly.

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Constituency Services and Office Budget Policy

(PDF file) The City provides resources and support to Councillors through mechanisms including budgets for general expenses, business travel, staffing, constituency services and office operations, as well as certain City program budgets.

Lobbying during procurements

Memo from the Integrity Commissioner and Lobbyist Registrar reminding Members that lobbyists are prohibited from communicating with public office holders during a procurement process, except as permitted by the applicable policies and documents.

Ward-related issues

Questions and answers about Councillor and staff involvement in another Member’s ward, donations to community events and Council member-organized community events.

Reference Letters

Rules and guidelines about when a Member of Council can provide a reference letter (or other reference) for individuals applying for City of Toronto and other positions or appointments.


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The Art of Apology

Many complaints can be solved with an appropriate apology. Although it can be difficult for us to apologize, overcoming that resistance demonstrates strength of character and can effectively repair inter-personal conflicts.