Doors Open Toronto

Doors Open FAQs

Q) When is Doors Open Toronto?
A) Doors Open Toronto takes place May 27 & 28, 2017.

Q) What is the theme for 2017?
A) Fifteen decades: Canadian Architecture

Q) I need additional information; I can't find the answer to my question on this website?
A) Call 311 if you're in the Toronto area or 416-392-2489 if you are outside city limits, and your call will be directed accordingly.

Q) When can I get the official Toronto Star, Doors Open Toronto program guide for 2017?
A) The official guide will be available to the public on Thursday, May 18, 2017 in the Toronto Star newspaper (Entertainment section).

Q) Where can I get a map of all buildings?
A) You'll find a map of all participating buildings on the Map tab  or you can pick up the Toronto Star on Thursday, May 18, 2017 for a pull-out guide and map to Doors Open Toronto.

Q) Can you mail me out a guide/or list of buildings?
A) Unfortunately we cannot mail out guides. Guides are available in the Toronto Star on May 18, 2017, at participating buildings, and Toronto City Hall on the event weekend.

Q) How do I find out what times buildings close, how can I get there and what I should expect?
A) Most buildings are open from 10 am to 5 pm on both Saturday and Sunday; however, visit the Buildings tab to check the specific hours for the buildings you are interested in. Make sure you click on the listing for a detailed description of each site, the visitor experience and full info on their hours of operation. You can also use the TTC Trip Planner to find the most direct public transit route.

Q) How do I find out which buildings are accessible barrier-free buildings?
A) This information is available on the Buildings list. Buildings display icons that indicate whether they are Fully Accessible or Partially Accessible.

Fully Accessible: To qualify as a fully barrier-free and wheelchair-accessible location, venues offer accessible entrance/interior and public washrooms – if the venue offers public washrooms.

Partially Accessible: To qualify as a partially barrier-free and partially wheelchair-accessible, at minimum venues offer an accessible entrance/interior.

Q) Is there a mobile app I can download?
A) Although the City of Toronto does not create an official app for the event, some independent developers do. You can create a mobile app yourself by downloading the Doors Open data from Open Data. If we are notified of any apps we will post the links late May 2017.  Please note, all past apps were created using Open Data and were not commissioned by the City of Toronto.

Q) Is there a Facebook page?
A) Yes. Join us on Facebook:

Q) Is there a Twitter page?
A) Yes. Follow us on Twitter:

Q) Is there an Instagram account?
A) Yes. Follow us on Instagram:

Q) How do I volunteer for Doors Open Toronto?
A) Check out Doors Open Volunteer Opportunities for more information.

Q) How did Doors Open Toronto begin?
A) Toronto was the first city in North America to launch this event dedicated to building heritage, architecture and design. Developed as a millennium project in 2000 by the City of Toronto, Doors Open Toronto has since attracted more than 2 million visits to more than 700 unique buildings across the city. In 2002, inspired by the successful Toronto program, the Ontario Heritage Foundation (now the Ontario Heritage Trust) launched Doors Open Ontario.

Q) Are there other Doors Open events around the world?
A) The inspiration for Doors Open Toronto came from Europe. France was the first country to launch its Doors Open program in 1984, followed by Glasgow in 1990. Currently, 48 European countries participate every September during European Heritage Month. In addition, Australia and the United States have also joined the highly successful Doors Open movement.

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