Traffic Conditions and Restrictions

Keeping traffic moving is a important priority.  The City has developed a number of programs and initiatives aimed at helping you get around Toronto's streets safely and effectively.  

RESCU Traffic Cameras

RESCU is a traffic management system used to detect disruptions to traffic flow along the Don Valley Parkway, Gardiner Expressway, Allen Rd and Lake Shore Boulevard. In response to the disruptions, RESCU Operators notify the appropriate emergency service providers and the public.

Road Disruption Activity Reporting System (RoDARS)

The Road Disruption Activity Reporting System (RoDARS) is the City of Toronto's system that tracks all road closures, road restrictions and construction activities within the City of Toronto's road network.

Planned Main Road Construction

This is a list providing information on where construction is occurring on Toronto's main roads including the length of time the construction will take place and the impact on the roadway.