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Live Tobacco-Free

Smoking is the number one cause of
preventable death and disease in Ontario

Tobacco kills half of all its long-term users. That equates to 36 Ontarians a day or 13,000 Ontarians per year. We want to help the public to live tobacco-free by providing information on:


A pile of cigarette butts on a street

Butts are litter and they're toxic!

Young children, pets and wildlife are at risk if they eat them. Toxins also seep into the ground and get into our water supply. We have over 7000 litter/recycling bins in Toronto.

Find a butt receptacle and use it!

Live Tobacco-Free



Toronto Public Health offers FREE quit smoking programs at various community locations in Toronto.

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Toronto Public Health provides information to the public concerning enforcement action taken under the Smoke-Free Ontario Act

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Hookah and Shisha

Tobacco and non-tobacco shisha have serious health impacts for smokers and those exposed to second-hand smoke.