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King-Liberty Pedestrian / Cycling Bridge

Anticipated Construction Start: Late 2017
Anticipated Completion: Fall 2018

Public Consultation on Detailed Design

The City of Toronto is moving forward with detailed design of a new pedestrian / cycling bridge over the Metrolinx the Union Station Rail Corridor, from Douro Street to the western leg of Western Battery Road.Map of bridge locations, as described above

This new bridge will provide a convenient and more direct route from Liberty Village to King Street West between Atlantic Avenue and Strachan Avenue.

The location and general design of the bridge was endorsed by City Council in December 2011.

We invite your input on design options for the look of the bridge and related landscaping.


Public Drop-in Event #1

A public drop-in event was held on December 8, 2016. See information materials from the event below.

For more information see:


Further public consultation on detailed design will be conducted in mid 2017.


Approved Design to Date

drawing of basic bridge design

The following design was endorsed by Council in 2011, after public consultation within the Municipal Class Environmental Assessment process:

  • The bridge location will be aligned with the western legs of both Douro Street and Western Battery Road
  • A 5 metre wide covered and mostly enclosed deck will span the entirety of the 45 metre wide Metrolinx rail corridor
  • Access to the bridge will be provided by a staircase (with a bicycle channel) on each side, as well as elevators for barrier-free access
  • All passageways and approaches will be illuminated for 24 hour access
  • Security measures, such as closed-circuit cameras and emergency call buttons will be provided


At this stage we are seeking public input on options for:

  • Exterior treatment (e.g. roof, cladding, glazing and facade)
  • Design of landscaping and streetscaping around each entrance
  • Other suggestions for integration of attractive and inviting design elements

Funding for implementation has been secured and we are working to finalize the design with the aim of starting construction in late 2017.

Learn more and provide your input at the December 8, 2016 public drop-in event (see details above) or provide your input online after the event.


Slides from October 2016

See slides from a staff public presentation given on October 18, 2016 below.

For further background information see the King-Liberty Pedestrian/Cycling Bridge Environmental Assessment (EA) Study web page

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