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Councillor Denzil Minnan-Wong

Profile: Ward 34 Don Valley East


Toronto City Hall

100 Queen Street West, Suite C55
Toronto, ON  M5H 2N2
Phone: 416-397-9256
Fax: 416-397-4100

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Executive Assistant
Anna Milner
Administrative Assistant
Amalia Stefanopoulos
Constituent Assistant
Adam Howell

Deputy Mayor

The role of the Deputy Mayor is to act in place of the Mayor whenever the incumbent is unable to be present to perform his normal functions and duties. The Deputy Mayor may execute the powers of the Mayor's Office at the Committee of the Whole and is a mandated Member of the Executive Committee.

Profile (information provided by Councillor)

Denzil Minnan-Wong is honoured to serve as Deputy Mayor for the City of Toronto and City Councillor for Ward 34, Don Valley East.

Denzil is a leader on Toronto City Council and in his community. Along with his role as Deputy Mayor, Denzil is also the Chair of the Striking Committee, the Employee and Labour Relations Committee, and the Civic Appointments Committee.  He is the Vice-Chair of the Executive Committee and sits on the TTC Board, the Employee and Labour Relations Committee, the Debenture Committee, the Committee of Revision, and is part of the Nominating Panel for Facilities and Finance. 

Denzil also acts as the Mayor's designate on the Boards of Waterfront Toronto, BUILD Toronto, and Invest Toronto and sits on the Board of Toronto Hydro.

In past terms of office, he has been the Chair of the Public Works and Infrastructure Committee, Economic Development Committee, Parks and Recreation Committee and Culture Committee and has chaired the North York Community Council.  He has also played important roles on the Employee and Labour Relations Committee, Planning and Transportation Committee, Community Services Committee, Works and Emergency Services Committee, Audit Committee, Toronto and Regional Conservation Board, the TTC Board, Toronto Library Board, the Toronto Financial Service Advisory Committee and the SARS Recovery Task Force.

In his role as Chair of the Public Works and Infrastructure Committee, Denzil was instrumental in increasing investment in roads and bridges to record levels.  He also led the push to privatize garbage west of Yonge St, saving the City approximately $88 million over the life of the contract.  Under his watch, the City developed the Downtown Transportation Operations Study and Congestion Management Plan, and retimed hundreds of signal lights to allow traffic to flow more smoothly.  He also championed the development of a safe and connected downtown bike lane network and saved the BIXI bike share program at no cost to the taxpayer. 

As a strong believer in the need for greater transparency and accountability to the taxpayer, Denzil championed the establishment of Canada's first municipal Auditor General.  In 2014, he hosted a Roundtable on Procurement which recommended the establishment of a permanent working group on public procurement in the City.  He was also in the forefront in initiating the first census of the homeless in our city. As the Chair of the Economic Development, Parks and Recreation and Culture Committee, he was able to deliver a balanced budget. As the Chair of the Council Staff Working Group for 311, Denzil saved the City millions of dollars. In the fight to keep taxes down, Denzil led the opposition to the Vehicle Registration Tax and the Land Transfer Tax in 2008.

In his capacity as Chair of the Taxi Reform Committee, Denzil was instrumental in drafting reforms designed to ensure a higher standard of service for Toronto's taxi industry to better serve the customer. This includes the establishment of a Passenger Bill of Rights and the introduction of the new Ambassador Class taxicab.

Denzil has also been a strong advocate for cleaning up our neighbourhoods. He has successfully fought for more resources to clean up our streets and has championed initiatives to combat graffiti and bring about a tough new anti-postering by-law throughout the city.

Locally, Denzil has worked as a volunteer for the North York General Hospital Foundation and the Toronto Police 33 Division Community Liaison Committee. He sponsors annual community clean-up days, has annual skating parties and created the Community Spirit Award. Denzil continues to work with schools and community groups in the ward to improve safety and traffic, especially in school zones. He also works with neighbourhoods to oppose development applications that are not in keeping with the community. Denzil continues to be a strong advocate for improving community infrastructure. In 2010, he was successful in securing millions of dollars from the federal government for roads, parks and community centres in the ward.


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