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Community Arts Action Plan

The Community Arts Action Plan puts voices from the community arts sector into action. It summarizes ideas for enhancing Toronto's community arts sector articulated through various public consultations across the city. The overarching goal of theCommunity Arts Action Plan is to continue to provide a roadmap that will further ensure barrier-free arts and cultural opportunities for a

Adopted by City Council at the June 11, 2013 Council meeting, the 2013-2017 Community Arts Action Plan incorporated new recommendations from the External Advisory Committee on the four major gaps mapped out through various community consultation processes.

The 2013-2017 Community Arts Action Plan continues to focus on four major areas:  
1. Enhancing funding for community arts
2. Creating more accessible space for community arts across the city
3. Raising the profile of the community arts sector; and
4. Sharing resources

Community Arts Action Plan 2006-2012

In January 2006, Cultural Services presented a report to City Council on feedback received from consultations with culture stakeholders. The consultations focused on the state of community arts and the potential for building Toronto's community arts sector. Examples of successful community arts projects are also highlighted.

In May 2007, Cultural Services hosted a series of public consultations asking Toronto residents and culture stakeholders for their input on how to build, support and enhance community arts across Toronto.

On November 19 and 20, 2007 Cultural Services submitted a recommendation - to develop a city-wide Community Arts Action Plan - to Council, based on input gathered from the public consultations. The recommendation was adopted by Council with no amendment.

A copy of the Staff Report, pages 34-35, including the appendices, is available for downloading.

In December 2008, Cultural Services presented a Staff Report, Toronto Community Arts Action Plan (pages 74-76) to Council and was adopted on December 1, 2008, The Plan including the appendices is available for downloading.

On February 8, 2010, a Community Arts Action Plan for Toronto Progress Report was received for information by the Economic Development Committee.

On October 16, 2012, the Economic Development Committee received a progress report on the 2008-2012 Community Arts Action Plan for Toronto.

As the five year term of the Community Arts Action Plan came to a close in 2012, the External Advisory Committee, comprising old and new members, reconvened to review outcomes of the Plan and to discuss future strategies for enhancing community arts development across Toronto. Building on the success of the first Community Arts Action Plan for Toronto (2008-2012), and in tandem with the Creative Capital Gains: An Action Plan for Toronto (adopted by City Council in 2011), the Advisory Committee suggested actions for the next phase of the Community Arts Action Plan. These recommendations and actions have been incorporated into the 2013-2017 Community Arts Action Plan for Toronto. the Community Arts Action Plan (2013-2017) will continue to provide tangible strategies to further ensure barrier-free arts and cultural opportunities for all. 

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