Garbage & Recycling

Recycling, Organics & Garbage

Recycling, Organics & Garbage

Solid Waste Management provides innovative waste management services to residents, businesses and visitors within the City of Toronto, creating environmental sustainability, promoting diversion and maintaining a clean city.

A Future without Waste:

Innovation in Policy, Innovation in Practice


We invite you to join leaders from across the country and the globe, contribute your ideas and join a national conversation. The second year of Toronto's satellite conference location will feature an in-person keynote panel before joining an interactive live stream of the main event in Vancouver. Click here for more information and to RSVP to this exciting FREE event.

Mayor's Towering Challenge


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Waste Strategy approved!

Help Toronto reach 70% waste diversion and aspirational goal of zero waste.

What we do matters!

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Recycle Right

Bad things happen when the wrong items and recycling get together.

Find out why.

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