Anne of Green GabelsToronto is where some of the most acclaimed films and television shows are shot including CBC's new series Anne.

Project Title: 12 Monkeys 04

Broadcast Platform: TV
Production Type: Series
Number of Episodes: 13
Company Name: GEP 12 Monkeys B Inc.
Address: 777 Kipling Avenue, #104, Toronto, Ontario, M8Z 5Z4
Telephone Number: 416-236-4727
Fax Number: 416-236-6048
Producer Name: Sean Tretta, Tony Elliot, Michael Wray
Director Name: David Grossman
Principal Cast: Aaron Stanford, Amanda Schull, Emily Hampshire, Barbara Sukowa
Location Manager Name: Derek Brady 
Assistant Location Manager Name: Brandon Long
Assistant Location Manager Name: Alex Makrygiannis
Production Manager Name: Mark Reid
Camera start: 04/10/2017
Camera Wrap: 07/14/2017

Project Title: Condor 01

Broadcast Platform: TV
Production Type: Series
Company Name: T5 Condor Productions Inc.
Address: 777 Kipling Ave, Suite 102, Toronto, ON M8Z5Z4
Telephone Number: 416-234-0755
Fax Number: 416-234-0890
Producer Name: Sean Ryerson
Director Name: Lawrence Trilling
Location Manager Name: Andrew O'Sullivan & Karen Perez
Assistant Location Manager Name: John Mendes
Assistant Location Manager Name: Matt Graver
Production Manager Name: Jim Mauro
Camera start: 04/24/2017
Camera Wrap: 08/30/2017

Project Title: Crawford 01

Broadcast Platform: TV
Production Type: Series
Company Name: Crawford Season One Inc.
Address: 40 Butterick Rd., Etobicoke, ON M8W 3Z8
Telephone Number: 416-503-9999
Fax Number: 416-503-9996
Producer Name: Suzanne Colvin-Goulding
Director Name: Mike Clattenburg
Principal Cast: TBD
Location Manager Name: Jeff Nelson
Assistant Location Manager Name: TBD
Production Manager Name: Sarah Deline
Camera start: 04/17/2017
Camera Wrap: 07/07/2017

Project Title: Dark Matter 03

Broadcast Platform: TV
Production Type: Series
Company Name: Dark Matter Series 3 Inc.
Address: 124 The East Mall
Telephone Number: 416-234-5900
Fax Number: 416-234-5909
Producer Name: Norman Denver
Director Name: Various
Location Manager Name: Zachary Beckwith
Production Manager Name: 
Camera start: 11/18/2016
Camera Wrap: 04/14/2017

Project Title: Designated Survivor

Broadcast Platform: TV
Production Type: Series
Company Name: designated I Ltd.
Address: 40 Carl Hall Road
Telephone Number: 416 638-5000
Fax Number: 416-636-7285
Producer Name: Ann Kindberg
Director Name: Various
Principal Cast: Keifer Sutherland
Location Manager Name: Karen Perez
Assistant Location Manager Name: Matt Graver
Assistant Location Manager Name: Ferren Whitacker
Production Manager Name: Wanda Chaffey
Camera start: 07/18/2016
Camera Wrap: 12/22/2016

Project Title: Flint

Broadcast Platform: TV
Production Type: TV Movie
Company Name: Idaho Productions Ltd
Address: 30 Booth Ave, Suite 202, Toronto ON M4M 2M2
Telephone Number: 416-795-3010
Fax Number: 
Producer Name: John Eckert
Director Name: Bruce Beresford
Location Manager Name: Dorigen Fode
Assistant Location Manager Name: Alix Pokol
Production Manager Name: Cynthia Graves
Camera start: 04/03/2017
Camera Wrap: 05/05/2017

Project Title: Green Harvest 01

Broadcast Platform: TV
Production Type: Series
Company Name: Streak Production Inc.
Address: 225 Commissioners St, Suite 401 Toronto, ON M4M0A1
Telephone Number: 647-873-3342
Fax Number: 647-837-3313
Producer Name: Kevin Lafferty
Director Name: Various
Principal Cast: 
Location Manager Name: 
Assistant Location Manager Name: Robert Jones 
Production Manager Name: David Till 
Camera start: 09/26/2016
Camera Wrap: 03/15/2017

Project Title: Killjoys 03

Broadcast Platform: TV
Production Type: Series
Company Name: Killjoys III Productions Ltd.
Address: 6 Curity Avenue
Telephone Number: 4167513768
Fax Number: 416-615-0989
Producer Name: Lena Cordena
Director Name: 
Principal Cast: Hannah John Kamen, Aaron Ashmore
Location Manager Name: Anne Richardson, Scott Alexander
Assistant Location Manager Name: Jeremy Pinard
Assistant Location Manager Name: Alex Angus
Production Manager Name: Chris Shaw
Camera start: 01/12/2017
Camera Wrap: 05/19/2017

Project Title: Life In A Year

Broadcast Platform: Theatrical Release
Production Type: Feature
Company Name: Farewell Productions Inc.
Address: 20 Butterick Rd. Office 1,Toronto,On. M8W 3Z8
Telephone Number: 647-484-8535
Fax Number: 416-255-8025
Producer Name: Marc Bienstock
Director Name: Mitja Okorn
Principal Cast: TBA
Location Manager Name: Peter Boboras
Assistant Location Manager Name: Dan Matthews
Production Manager Name: Anthony Pangalos
Camera start: 04/10/2017
Camera Wrap: 05/30/2017

Project Title: Little Italy

Broadcast Platform: Theatrical Release
Production Type: Feature
Company Name: Pizza Lovers Productions Ltd.
Address: 2281 North Sheridan Way,2nd Floor Mississauga, ON L5K 2S3
Telephone Number: 905-823-7300
Producer Name: Aaron Barnett
Director Name: Donald Petrie
Principal Cast: Hayden Christensen, Alyssa Milano
Location Manager Name: Al Patella
Assistant Location Manager Name: Josh Paragas
Assistant Location Manager Name: Patricia Philipopoulos
Production Manager Name: Effy Papadopolous
Camera start: 05/15/2017
Camera Wrap: 06/30/2017

Project Title: Odd Squad 02

Broadcast Platform: TV
Production Type: Series
Company Name: Sinking Ship (Odd Squad 2) Productions Inc.
Address: 1179 King Street West, Suite 302, Toronto ON  M6K 3C5
Telephone Number: 416-201-0571
Producer Name: Stephen Turnbull
Director Name: J.J. Johnson
Principal Cast: Anna Cathcart, Isaac Kragten, Millie Davis
Location Manager Name: Quincy Morgan
Assistant Location Manager Name: Adam Cohen
Production Manager Name: Eric Beldowski
Camera start: 10/11/2016
Camera Wrap: 04/30/2017

Project Title: People of Earth 02 

Broadcast Platform: TV
Production Type: Series
Company Name: Slanted Films, a Division of Shawn Danielle Production Services 
Address: 755 Queensway East - Suite 301,Mississauga, L4Y 4C5
Telephone Number: 905-276-0505
Fax Number: 905-276-6006
Producer Name: Paula Devonshire
Director Name: Various
Principal Cast: TBD 
Location Manager Name: Melissa Warry-Smith
Assistant Location Manager Name: TBD
Production Manager Name: Ross Leslie
Camera start: 05/01/2017
Camera Wrap: 07/17/2017

Project Title: Private Eyes 02

Broadcast Platform: TV
Production Type: Series
Company Name: Shade PI S2 Productions Inc.
Address: 3585 St. Clair Ave E
Telephone Number: 416-265-1771
Fax Number: 416-265-1035
Producer Name: Alex Jordan
Director Name: 
Principal Cast: Jason Priestley
Location Manager Name: Andrew Gainor
Assistant Location Manager Name: Jarrod Price
Assistant Location Manager Name: Dan Feddern
Production Manager Name: Stephen Traynor
Camera start: 10/27/2016
Camera Wrap: 06/30/2017

Project Title: Reno, Set, Go!

Broadcast Platform: TV
Production Type: Reality
Company Name: SBE (RSG) Inc.
Address: 163 Crescent Road, Rear Coach House, Toronto ON M4W 1V1
Telephone Number: 416-925-4949
Producer Name: Danielle Kiraly
Director Name: Cheryl Zalameda and Merissa Simonian
Principal Cast: Cheryl Torrenueva, Roger Morin
Location Manager Name: James Miller
Assistant Location Manager Name: Krystal DiMarca
Production Manager Name: Danielle Boucher
Camera start: 12/13/2016
Camera Wrap: 05/02/2017

Project Title: Salvation

Broadcast Platform: TV
Production Type: Series
Company Name: Mayday Productions Inc.
Address: 629 Eastern Ave, Suite A103
Telephone Number: 647-253-2492
Fax Number: 647-253-2493
Producer Name: Rob Ortiz
Director Name: various
Principal Cast: TBD
Location Manager Name: Judy Chui
Assistant Location Manager Name: Adam Meaden
Production Manager Name: Chris Pavoni
Camera start: 02/28/2017
Camera Wrap: 07/28/2017

Project Title: Secrets from the Russian Tea Room

Broadcast Platform: Theatrical Release
Production Type: Feature
Company Name: RTR 2016 Ontario Inc
Address: 721 Eastern Ave, Suite 201, Toronto ON, M4M 1E6
Telephone Number: 416-466-3796
Fax Number: 416-466-3522
Producer Name: Robin Cass
Director Name: Lone Scherfig
Principal Cast: TBD
Location Manager Name: Shaun Cengiz
Assistant Location Manager Name: Jorge Contreras
Production Manager Name: Lisa Kusner
Camera start: 05/08/2017
Camera Wrap: 06/02/2017

Project Title: Shadowhunters 02

Broadcast Platform: TV
Production Type: Series
Company Name: Princessa Productions Limited
Address: 2365 Dixie Road Mississauga, ON L4Y 0E6
Telephone Number: 905-270-7488
Fax Number: 905-270-7499
Producer Name: Greg Copeland
Director Name: Various
Principal Cast: Katherine McNamara, Dominic Sherwood
Location Manager Name: John Rakich
Assistant Location Manager Name: TBD
Production Manager Name: Chris Hatcher
Camera start: 07/25/2016
Camera Wrap: 05/31/2017

Project Title: Suits 07

Broadcast Platform: TV
Production Type: Series
Company Name: GEP Suits B Inc. 
Address: 40 Carl Hall Road
Telephone Number: 416-398-6869
Fax Number: 416-398-0967
Producer Name: Mark Winemaker
Director Name: Various
Principal Cast: Gabriel Macht, Patrick J. Adams 
Location Manager Name: Warner Strauss
Assistant Location Manager Name: James Wilson
Assistant Location Manager Name: James Blacker 
Production Manager Name: Desmond Paes
Camera start: 04/05/2017
Camera Wrap: 11/18/2017

Project Title: The Girlfriend Experience 01

Broadcast Platform: TV
Production Type: Series
Company Name: GFE34 Productions Inc.
Address: 401 Logan Ave, Suite 205, Toronto ON, M4M 2P2
Telephone Number: 416-778-7300
Fax Number: 416-778-7300
Producer Name: Andrew Fierberg
Director Name: Lodge Kerrigan
Principal Cast: Anna Friel
Location Manager Name: Drazen Baric
Assistant Location Manager Name: Tim Owen
Production Manager Name: Shauna Jamison
Camera start: 03/12/2017
Camera Wrap: 04/27/2017

Project Title: The Great Canadian Bake Show 01

Broadcast Platform: TV
Production Type: Series
Company Name: TGCBS Productions Inc.
Address: 772 Dovercourt Road, Toronto ON, M6H 0A2
Telephone Number: 416-598-2500
Fax Number: 416-598-2550
Producer Name: Lesia Capone
Director Name: Dave Russell
Principal Cast: TBD
Location Manager Name: Craig Williams
Assistant Location Manager Name: N/A
Production Manager Name: Dean Pollock
Camera start: 05/15/2017
Camera Wrap: 06/16/2017

Project Title: The Lead 01

Broadcast Platform: TV
Production Type: Series
Company Name: The Lead One Productions Inc.
Address: 2480 Tedlo Street, Mississauga, ON, L5A 3V3
Telephone Number: 905-276-3222
Fax Number: 905-276-2555
Producer Name: Illana Frank, Linda Pope, Greg Smith, Brian Gibson
Director Name: Greg Smith
Principal Cast: TBD
Location Manager Name: Fernando Da Silva
Assistant Location Manager Name: John Teixeira
Camera start: 04/17/2017
Camera Wrap: 07/31/2017

Project Title: The Strain 04

Broadcast Platform: TV
Production Type: Series
Company Name: Strain Can IV Productions Inc.
Address: 30 Booth Av Suit 200,Toronto,ON  M4M 2M2
Telephone Number: 416-462-9975
Fax Number: 416-462-1990
Producer Name: J Miles Dale
Director Name: Various
Principal Cast: TBD
Location Manager Name: Mark Logan
Assistant Location Manager Name: Warner Strauss
Assistant Location Manager Name: Alex Makrygiannis
Production Manager Name: Dennis Chapman
Camera start: 11/30/2016
Camera Wrap: 04/11/2017

Project Title: Wonderful World

Broadcast Platform: TV
Production Type: TV Movie
Company Name: Princessa Productions Ltd.
Address: 65 Heward Avenue, Suite 201
Telephone Number: 416-645-8304
Fax Number: 416-645-4023
Producer Name: Mary Pantelidis
Director Name: Jeffrey Hornaday
Principal Cast: TBD
Location Manager Name: Fred Kamping
Assistant Location Manager Name: Mark McFadden
Assistant Location Manager Name: Don Cornelius
Production Manager Name: Kym Crepin
Camera start: 05/29/2017
Camera Wrap: 07/14/2017

Toronto screen industry has third record-breaking year

Investment in Toronto's domestic and foreign film, television and digital productions rose to an all-time record of $2.01 billion in 2016.

In 2016:

  • Domestic and international screen-based productions exceeded the $1-billion mark for the sixth consecutive year, with a 33-per-cent increase over the $1.55 billion reported in 2015.
  • Foreign major production investment in film and television grew to $794 million, a 49-per-cent increase from 2015. Since 2014, foreign production investment has increased by 129 per cent.
  • Investment in animation and visual effects grew to $403 million, a 179-per-cent increase from the $144.5 million reported in 2015. Since 2014, investment in this area has increased by 363 per cent from $87.1 million.
  • Television series, foreign and domestic, remains the dominant investment type in Toronto with an increase to $908 million in 2016. 
  • Investment in television and digital format commercials production continued to rise to record levels, growing to $380 million, a 10-per-cent increase from the $345 million reported in 2015. Since 2014, investment in this area has increased by 95 per cent from $195 million. (Note that this type of investment is measured by Toronto but not by other levels of government.)
  • The number of location filming shoot days has seen three record breaking years, with an increase to 7,280 shoot days in 2016.

The above numbers also help to show a larger Toronto industry success story. Combining the $2 billion in investment noted above with figures from broadcasters and the interactive digital media cluster results in a total investment figure of $3.26 billion for all of Toronto's film, television and digital media production in 2016. That figure represents a 16 per cent increase from 2015.

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Los Angeles Business Mission

Mayor John Tory and Councillor Michael Thompson (Ward 37 Scarborough Centre), Chair of the Economic Development Committee, joined a delegation of 22 Toronto companies and organizations to Los Angeles from January 23 to 25, 2017.

Los Angeles-based studios continue to be a strong investor in Toronto’s market, responsible for over $800M in direct investment in 2016. The main objectives of the mission were:

  • To re-connect with the City’s key industry partners and investors at the Los Angeles film studios to present the deliverables and ongoing initiatives of the Five Point Plan adopted by City Council, which was a direct result of the February 2016 mission.
  • To cultivate relationships with prospective investors, companies and key stakeholders to pursue new business opportunities of high potential growth.
  • To provide a platform to network and promote Toronto internationally as an investment destination for the creative industries.
  • To support the City's strategic priorities to increase economic vitality, create jobs, and generate investment in Toronto.

News Release: January 25, 2017 - City's business mission to Los Angeles amplified Toronto’s profile as a premier production location

News Release: January 19, 2017 - Mayor Tory to build on Toronto’s $1-billion film and television industry with a business mission to Los Angeles