Souvenirs for Sale

Available for purchase from the Market Gallery, located on the 2nd floor of the South St. Lawrence Market. 

(cash sales only)


Historic Toronto print of St. Lawrence neighbourhood - $20.00

This 1854 bird's-eye view by Edwin Whitefield illustrates a city of over 40,000 inhabitants centred along the harbour and the original City Hall, the site of today's South St. Lawrence Market and the Market Gallery. The busy harbour and Toronto's original shoreline came up to the back of City Hall, where The Esplanade is today. Not long after this image was created, the shoreline would undergo reclamation to allow for the railways.


Large size colour reproduction print available at the Market Gallery for $20.00 ($17.70 + HST) (22" x 32") 


Market Gallery fridge magnet - $2.00

Features a reproduction of St. Lawrence Market from Front and Market Streets, 1943 by Nicholas Hornyansky, a lithograph in the City of Toronto's Fine Art Collection.


Market Gallery tote bag - $5.00

Features the same image as on the magnet on one side, and the Market Gallery's logo on the other side.




Fine Art Collection Prints - $5.00 each 

By popular demand, four poster reproductions of works from the City of Toronto's Fine Art Collection (12" x 16").

Toronto (1840-42) by William Henry Bartlett

St. Lawrence Market by Nicholas Hornyansky

"I" is for Island Ferry by Alan Moak

Kensington Market by Clarence Roy Greenaway

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