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Outdoor Pools

The City of Toronto has 57 outdoor pools for residents and visitors to have fun in the sun and make a splash while enjoying the warm summer weather.

Season All outdoor pools are now closed for the season.

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Location Address Map It Phone Open Date Close Date
Alex Duff Memorial Pool779 Crawford St
416 392-0910July 23September 18
Alexandra Park275 Bathurst St
416-392-7686June 30September 4
Amesbury Sports Complex155 Culford Rd
416 395-0145June 25September 4
Amos Waites Park Outdoor Pool2441 Lake Shore Blvd W
416 394-8484June 25September 4
Blantyre Park180 Fallingbrook Rd
416-396-4126June 25September 4
Broadlands Community Centre19 Castlegrove Blvd
416 395-7966June 25September 4
Domenico Di Luca Community Recreation Centre25 Stanley Rd
416 395-6673June 25September 4
Donald D. Summerville Olympic Pools1867 Lake Shore Blvd E
416 392-7688June 18September 5
Driftwood Community Recreation Centre4401 Jane St
416 395-7944June 25September 4
Eringate Park Outdoor Pool121 Wellesworth Dr
416 394-8485June 25September 4
Fairbank Memorial Park2213 Dufferin St
416-394-2742June 25September 4
Fairhaven Park Outdoor Pool100 Golfwood Hts
416 394-8486June 25September 4
Flagstaff Park Outdoor Pool42 Mercury Rd
416 394-8487June 25September 4
Gihon Spring Park Outdoor Pool75 Gihon Spring Dr
416 394-8488June 28September 4
Giovanni Caboto Park Rink, Pool and Tennis Courts1367 St Clair Ave W
416 392-7662June 25September 4
Glen Long Community Centre35 Glen Long Ave
416 395-7961June 25September 4
Gord and Irene Risk Community Centre2650 Finch Ave W
416 395-0355June 25September 4
Goulding Community Centre45 Goulding Ave
416 395-0123June 25September 4
Grandravine Community Recreation Centre23 Grandravine Dr
416 395-6171June 18September 5
Greenwood Park150 Greenwood Ave
416-392-7804June 25September 4
Halbert Park24 Rockwood Dr
416-396-4125June 25September 4
Heron Park Community Centre292 Manse Rd
416 396-4035June 18September 5
High Park1873 Bloor St W
416-392-7807June 25September 4
Irving W. Chapley Community Centre205 Wilmington Ave
416 395-0453June 25September 4
Kidstown - Water Park3159 Birchmount Rd
416-396-8325June 25September 4
Kiwanis Outdoor Pool375 Cedarvale Ave
416 396-2847June 18September 4
Knob Hill Park625 Brimley Rd
416-396-4128June 26September 4
Lambton - Kingsway Park Outdoor Pool37 Marquis Ave
416 394-8489June 25September 4
Lawrence Heights Community Centre5 Replin Rd
416 395-6118June 25September 4
Leaside Outdoor Pool5 Leaside Park Dr
416 396-2822June 25September 4
Ledbury Park160 Ledbury St
416-395-6688June 25September 4
Maryvale Park Outdoor Pool5 Trestleside Grv
416 396-4127June 25September 4
McGregor Park Community Centre2231 Lawrence Ave E
416 396-4023June 18September 5
Mitchell Field Community Centre89 Church Ave
416 395-0262June 25September 4
Monarch Park115 Felstead Ave
416-392-7831June 25September 4
North Toronto Memorial Community Centre200 Eglinton Ave W
416 392-6591June 25September 4
Northwood Community Centre15 Clubhouse Crt
416 395-7876June 25September 4
Oakdale Community Centre350 Grandravine Dr
416 395-0484June 25September 4
O'Connor Community Centre1386 Victoria Park Ave
416 395-7957June 25September 4
Oriole Community Centre2975 Don Mills Rd W
416 395-7969Closed for season