Alderwood Co-Op Nursery School

Alderwood Co-Op Nursery School (6378)

44 Delma Dr  (Horner / Browns Line) Ward: 6

This non-profit, licensed child care, serves children 2 years 6 months to 6 years. It is located in Alderwood United Church.
A child care fee subsidy is not available at this location.

Program Offerings and Quality Ratings

Early Years Programs Capacity Quality Rating **
Preschool 16 -
** Quality Ratings are not available for this centre. This child care does not have a service contract for fee subsidy and therefore it is not assessed by the City for quality standards.

Centre Contact

  • Phone: Christina Maclean,  416-346-6242

Program Support

Toronto Children's Services Consultant, Filomena Furtado, 416-397-1448, is the City contact for this centre.

Special Needs Resource staff, Tasnim Bhujwalla Mirasol, 416-392-6175, is available to help this centre and the family when a child has an extra support need.

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